Residential Cleaning in New Jersey

We can clean your residential place at any frequency you need: weekly, biweekly, monthly, or anytime you want.

Apartment & House Cleaning Services
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Take advantage of our residential cleaning services to save time and money! We are professional, friendly, and dedicated to providing a consistently high-quality cleaning service. In addition to following professional cleaning standards, each cleaning is customized to meet your specific needs.

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Residental cleanup list

  • General Dusting
  • Clean & disinfect light switches and door knobs
  • Clean glass surfaces and mirrors
  • Vacuum all floors and area rugs
  • Light clean of countertops and backsplash
  • Clean stove and burners
  • Clean inside microwave, hood and all appliance fronts
  • Light cleaning outside cabinets
  • Tidy surfaces (light organization)
  • Change trash liners

Affordable Residential Cleaning
We offer 10% discounts for new customers

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Residential Cleaning Service

There's nothing like a spotless home! After a long day at the office, imagine coming home to a freshly cleaned kitchen, vacuumed and mopped floors, and done laundry.

Let Home Maid Service NJ handle your condo or apartment cleaning so you can spend your time on what you love to do most.

With our team at your disposal, you can entertain at home confidently that every bit of dust and every speck of dirt will be taken care of. Aside from professional training, bonding and insurance, our cleaners also bring all the required cleaning supplies and equipment.

Fits Schedule and Lifestyle

With Home Maid Service NJ, you can schedule a one-time or ongoing cleaning at the convenience of your schedule. Are you planning a special event and need a one-time cleaning? Or perhaps you would like to hire a cleaning service on a weekly basis in order to maintain cleanliness?It is Home Maid Service NJ's pleasure to meet the special requirements of your event or lifestyle through customized cleaning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

House cleaning services are available on a weekly basis, every other week, on a rotation process for three weeks or even monthly basis.

Each job is custom bid to meet the customer's requirements with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

For free estimates, you will need to go to the “estimate” tab on our website and fill out the information. All estimates are free and hold no obligation. We will need information on the type of service and the number of square feet we will be cleaning in order to provide an accurate house cleaning estimate.

When you are not home, you do not have to be there as long as you have a way to let us in.

You are welcome to watch what we do if it makes you feel more comfortable. The house cleaning employees at our company are trustworthy and friendly, but they do have schedules, so make sure you give them plenty of space.

It will not be using anything from your house already, we provide all cleaning products and equipment. This is because our employees are trained on what product to use on every surface, so if they are not currently using them, they could cause damage.

Additionally, we have begun using non-toxic products and have eliminated paper surveys. In order to deliver a better service to our customers, we are constantly making changes to improve the working environment.

New Jersey Home Cleaning
We offer 10% discounts for new customers

Residential Cleaning in New Jersey Call (201) 281-9211

Cleaning & Maid Service

With regular cleaning that fits your schedule and lifestyle, your apartment or condo will remain pleasant and sanitary. Our goal is to provide a premium level of cleaning that makes you, your family, and your guests feel confident when walking into your home.

Are you a condo or apartment resident who loves the convenience but lacks the time to keep it clean? It doesn't matter if dirt is on the refrigerator top or if dust is in the corners.

Our Goal - Your Satisfaction

The cleaning services offered by Home Maid Service NJ range from the smallest studio loft to the largest multi-bedroom townhouse. And with all of our housekeeping services, you can expect a high level of cleaning. We can clean your apartment or condo at any frequency you need: weekly, biweekly, monthly, or anytime you want.

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