Post Construction Cleaning in New Jersey

We can clean your post construction place with maximum quality and affordable price.

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Post-Construction Cleaning Services
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The process of building or renovating a new home can be both exciting and stressful at the same time. Your new kitchen, new flooring, and fresh paint have taken up a good deal of your time and money. You will find everything you need for your dream home here. ‍

Post-Construction Cleaning is necessary before moving into your dream home. Selecting a provider that is thorough and experienced isn't easy when you want to avoid damaging brand new finishes or chipping your walls.

post-construction Cleaning in New Jersey
  • Air Quality & Health
    All surfaces are covered with heavy and fine dust after a new construction or renovation project. It's unclean and unhealthy as well. When you work with Home Maid Cleaning NJ, your home will be dust-free and detoxified before you move in.
  • Details Make a Difference
    Construction isn't cheap, it's an investment, and moving into your new home is the last phase. Can you imagine how it feels to have a professional post renovation cleaning NJ team that takes care of all the details on a risk-free basis? We guarantee damage-free service and full insurance!
  • Reduces Costs and Saves Time
    99% of homeowners move into their new homes immediately after they are ready. How can you coordinate with the movers while cleaning and renting equipment in such a short time period? With a professional post-construction cleaning service in New Jersey, you can reduce your time and effort spent on cleaning after construction.


Since we have cleaned thousands of new constructions and renovations in New Jersey, we know what it takes to ensure that every surface is properly cleaned and without a scratch.

Renovation Cleanup Checklist

  • Walls and ceilings covered with dust
  • Dust and wipe moldings, baseboards and window sills
  • Dust light fixtures, blinds and vents
  • Disinfect light switches and door knobs
  • Dust and wipe doors
  • Tidy surfaces (light organization)
  • Clean inside microwave, hood and all appliance fronts
  • Clean glass surfaces and mirrors
  • Vacuum all floors and carpets
  • Mop all floors
  • Spot clean floors, baseboards and doors
  • Interior windows cleaning
  • Clean stove, oven, hood, dishwasher, refrigerator and all appliances interiors + fronts
  • Wash tub / shower and glass door / Wash all bathroom tiles / Wash sink and countertop
  • Clean & disinfect toilet - bowl, seat, base and surface
  • Clean cabinets and shelves (inside-out)
  • Clean and polish fixtures and accessories

Affordable Post Renovation Cleaning
We offer 10% discounts for new customers

post construction Cleaning in New Jersey

Post Construction Cleaning

There's nothing like a spotless home! After a long day at the office, imagine coming home to a freshly cleaned kitchen, vacuumed and mopped floors, and done laundry. Let Home Maid Service NJ handle your condo or apartment cleaning so you can spend your time on what you love to do most.

With our team at your disposal, you can entertain at home confidently that every bit of dust and every speck of dirt will be taken care of. Aside from professional training, bonding and insurance, our cleaners also bring all the required cleaning supplies and equipment.

Post Renovation Cleaning

Even the most meticulous contractor can't completely remove the dust from all surfaces following a renovation, thus, many people decide to hire professional post renovation cleaning service in New Jersey.

You can count on Home Maid Service NJ people for all your post renovation needs. A checklist of the work completed will be provided at the end of every cleaning by the team's working supervisor.

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